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2017 Exterior Home Trends

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As a premier fence company in Chicago, it is important that we always stay ahead of the curve with current home trends. We not only want to design fences for our customers that are secure, we want to enhance the exterior beauty of their homes. Top Line Fence is a second generation owned family-operated business, that has been proudly serving Chicago since 1972. As leaders in the residential and commercial fencing industry, we know a thing or two about what to expect in terms of upcoming trends in the industry. The following are a few exterior home trends you can expect to see in the year 2017:

Low-Maintenance Building Materials

In 2017, expect a lot of materials that require less upkeep and often look as good as traditional materials to be used. Think engineered and hybrid building materials. Expect fiberglass windows and doors will become increasingly popular this year. We are expecting vinyl to be the preferred style of fence in the year 2017. Vinyl can resemble wood, however, is much less work to maintain. Vinyl is much easier to clean and does not crack or split like wood might.

Safety First

In 2017, spiral staircases are out and handrails and slip-resistant materials are in. Today, we are looking for ways to take less risk and expand our lifetime. Here at Top Line Fence, your safety is our top concern. Talk to our team about our wide selection of custom iron railings.

2017 Colors

According to the color experts at Pantone Inc. the colors for Spring 2017 will be an earthy blend. In fact, the color of the year is called Greenery. Greenery is a fresh yellow-green shade the represents the first days of spring when nature’s greens revive. If you are planning to paint your fence, front door, or any other aspect of your home in 2017, the Pantone 2017 Color Report is a great place to start to get inspiration.

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