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Avoid Neighbor Disputes with Fence Etiquette

Published on September 20th, 2017

Property lines and construction projects can make for ugly disputes in your neighborhood if not handled carefully. Avoid a costly tear down of your fence or an awkward encounter with your neighbor by following these important fence etiquette tips:

Stay on the Safe Side

You may think you know where your property ends and your neighbor’s property begins, but do not contract a Chicago fence company before you’re sure of your land’s boundaries. Study your house line drawing or ask a land surveyor for assistance. A Chicago fence company will usually install the fence a foot inside the property line, just to make sure you’re not pushing the limits.

Share your Plans

Before installing the fence, you can easily avoid a neighborly dispute by having a conversation with your neighbors first. To help your conversation be productive, it is best practice to already have proof of your property lines in case a disagreement arises. Remember, you don’t need permission from your neighbors to build a fence on your own property, but it is common courtesy you inform them of your construction projects. You can also leave out details about the design. Your neighbor has no say unless it is dangerous or lowers property values.

Maintain a Healthy Relationship

Once a Chicago fence company installs your fence, it is your responsibility to maintain both sides. A healthy fence will help keep a healthy relationship with your neighbors. If your fence begins aging, gets broken, or starts leaning, try to replace or remove it in a timely manner.

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