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Best Types of Fences for Windy Areas

Published on April 15th, 2022

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There are many varieties of fencing materials available today, and they all come with different design options, sizes, and heights. The trick to choosing the best fence for your space is taking into account your taste, style, security needs, and the environment itself.

Many people live in areas with high winds that require fencing to maintain a certain level of durability and sturdiness in order to withstand the environment. High winds can be extremely damaging, and over time will degrade fencing material and lessen its stability.

If you are dealing with this type of situation, and are wondering what the best fencing option for your home or commercial property might be, continue reading to learn about the best fences for windy areas.

Fence Designs for Windy Areas

A wind resistant fence design can be made of various materials, such as wood or chain link. The issue is not always about choosing the right material, but the best design.

High wind fence designs include traditional chain link fences with a diamond pattern that allows wind to pass through the fence easily, reducing wear and tear.

Fences with gaps stand up better to strong winds than those without, so wrought iron fences with singular posts or slatted fences, such as wood shadow box fences, provide less resistance, but still remain sturdy. Additionally, wood fences with an open top design, such as Dog-Eared style, will allow for better airflow.

Vinyl fences can also stand up to high winds better than some other fencing materials, simply because vinyl has some give to it that allows it to bend without breaking.

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