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How Can Winter Affect Your Wood Fence?

Published on November 21st, 2016

Here in Chicago, we have had a pretty mild fall. However, this does not mean that we do not need to prepare our homes for winter. The same things you do not like about winter, especially cold temperatures and snow, your wood fence does not either. The winter preparation and care required for your fence will depend on the type of fence you own and the winter conditions of where you live. In this blog post, we are going to be discussing how winter can affect your wood fence in Chicago.

How does winter affect your wood fence?

Winter creates a lot of moisture problems. Moisture and your wood fence are never a good combination. According to Graphiq, Chicago has an average annual snowfall of 37.1 inches, 14.7 inches over the national average. For your wood fence, this means an increased chance of mold, mildew, and rot if your fence is not properly prepared for winter. Choosing the right type of wood fence in Chicago could help prevent moisture damage, however, proper care is a necessity.

What can you do to protect your fence?

The first way to protect your wood fence in Chicago is to check your fence before the first heavy snow fall. Check for soft wood, indicating rot, or signs of tunnels with saw dust which are signs of invasive wood-destroying insects. Use wood putty to patch up small holes and cracks. Contact our professionals at Top Line Fence to replace any boards that are damaged beyond repair.

Check to make sure that your fence is water resistant by doing a “splash test”. Sprinkle some water on your wood fence and watch to see if it beads or absorbs. If the water absorbs, it is a sign that your fence is not waterproof. Contact Top Line Fence to discuss your waterproofing options.

Call Top Line Fence today before the first heavy snowfall at (773) 637-2122. Our team of professionals has the knowledge and expertise to prepare your wood fence in Chicago for winter.

Source: Graphiq

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