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Caring for Your Wrought Iron Fence in Chicago

Published on May 3rd, 2021

Tips for Maintaining A Wrought Iron Fence

A wrought iron fence is one of the most durable, reliable, and attractive fencing materials available to homeowners and business owners today. However, just like wood and vinyl fencing, even something as strong as wrought iron needs proper maintenance to remain beautiful and sturdy.

There are several tips you can follow to lessen the possibility of searching for a “fence repair company near me in Chicago, IL.” With wrought iron fencing, some common issues that can affect your fence include things like rust, weather damage, unanticipated injury, loose hardware, and scratches.

Tips for regular maintenance include the following:

  • Rust – Prevent rust by keeping foliage, such as vines and other plants, away from the fence. This can lead to scratching, and also allow moisture to accumulate on the fence, which causes rust. Rain and humidity will also lead to rust if proper precautions are not taken to preserve the integrity of your fence. Using a protective coating on your fence, such as wax or an anti-rust paint, can help protect it.
  • Cleaning – Use warm water and soap to clean your fence. Regular cleanings will help keep your fence free of debris and mold, and also allow you to find and fix minor damages that would otherwise go unnoticed. This prevents things like blemishes and scratches from escalating into serious problems. Also, clean and repair rust spots before they grow.
  • Inspections – Without frequent inspections, your wrought iron fence may be allowed to deteriorate without your knowledge. It is important to check over your fence at least once a year. Search for rust, scratches, cracking, loose or damaged hardware, etc.

Fence Repair Company in Chicago, IL

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