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Chain-Link Dog Kennels

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Because we are a fence contractor near Skokie, you might not think of us when you think of your dog. But making chain-link dog kennels is one of our strong suits! Many people associate dog kennels as a “punishment” area for their dog, but in reality, they have quite the opposite effect.


When you craft a crate schedule with your dog, it will teach them when to hold their bladder and that they should keep their teething to their own property. Think of a dog crate as their own personal room. With this in mind, make sure that your dog will have enough room to stand up, walk in a circle and lay down comfortably when they grow into their biggest size. You don’t want them to feel too trapped.

How Long is Too Long?

Our fence contractors in Skokie know that as a general rule of thumb, don’t keep your dog in its crate longer than one hour per month each month of age, up to 9-10 hours maximum. Before using the crate, make sure your dog has been properly walked and exercised. Crates should be used as part of a daily routine until your dog is about 18 months old, when their consistency of behavior starts to level out.

Our chain-link dog kennels are easy to transport and serve as a learning and safety tool for your pup. If you have questions about our dog kennels, contact our fence contractor in Skokie to learn more information.

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