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Choose Flowers To Give Chicago Fences a Facelift This Spring

Published on March 12th, 2017

Chain link fences are valued for security, durability, and affordability, but not for their aesthetic appeal. You wouldn’t think of a chain link fence as a beautiful addition to the front or back of your property. But it doesn’t have to be that way!

With help from one of the great Chicago fence companies and a little creativity, you could be on your way to a beautiful and affordable border fence for your front and backyard. If you don’t already have one, the first step is to get the fence installed. Then the fun starts.

Planting flowers on your chain link fence is a great way to dress it up and give your property extra privacy. It can be tough, though, especially with Chicago’s winters, if you don’t want to have to constantly maintain your new garden.

You don’t need a green thumb, though, to dress up your fence. For plants that will last long, without much maintenance, and look good all year round, you’ll want to choose an evergreen ivy.

Persian, Boston, and English Ivy work great as evergreen foliage for fences. Creeping Fig is another popular option.

You could also use perennials to cover your fence. They won’t last as long as some of the vines mentioned above, but they live for a couple years. Which means maintenance is still minimal.

It’s worth considering that perennials die during winter and return in the spring. But they do flower, unlike evergreen vines, so you might enjoy them more—even with the extra work.

Climbing Hydrangeas and the Trumpet Vine grow fast and can handle Chicago winters.

There are also annual flowers, which you’ll need to replace every year. You might find some of them prettier, but perennials or evergreen plants are better for harsh Chicago winters. There are much more vines than the ones mentioned, but this will get you started on plant ideas.

If you’re excited about planting some foliage or flowers, but don’t have a fence, don’t worry! Of all the Chicago fence companies, Top Line fencing is the best.

You can find out more about our products, or call us today for a quote!

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