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How to Choose the Right Fence Material

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Picking out the perfect material for your new or remolded fence is a big decision. We are experienced fence contractors in Park Ridge that can confidently guide you throughout the entire process. Whether you need a commercial fence or a residential fence, we will gladly help you pick the proper material that fits your budget, functional needs and aesthetic preferences.


This is the perfect option for those who don’t want to constantly repaint and touch up. Vinyl will stand the test of time through the extreme Chicago temperatures.


Powder-coated galvanized steel or aluminum are gaining popularity in the fencing world. The only maintenance required is an occasional hosing. If rust appears, it can be brushed off or re-coated with a rust-inhibiting primer.


A classic choice for a reason. It can be transformed into so many different looks via paints and stains. It’s an affordable choice but initial maintenance might be more demanding.

Wrought Iron

This highly durable, low-maintenance material is ornamental and combines many positive aspects from other materials. There are a variety of materials from which to choose and its highly customizable. Finials, rings and spears add character to each fence.


Composite fencing is made from engineered wood and it comes in a ton of variations. Fences made from this type of material simulate the look of wood.


A sturdy, maintenance-free, economical choice. The classic chain-link fencing is durable and looks almost utilitarian looking. Tweaks can be made to change mesh size, wire gauge and color.


Cedar’s resistance to rotting and insects makes it a preferred wood for fencing. Every few years, coat the natural wood with a clear preservative to maintain it.

As you can tell, there are tons of choices when deciding what material your next fence should be. Our seasoned fence contractors in Park Ridge will happily answer all of your questions and concerns.


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