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Different Ways to Personalize Your Fence

Published on April 16th, 2018

No two fences look the same, and that’s what we love about being a fence contractor in Skokie. You may find yourself needing a more custom fence if your backyard has uneven land or if you want to contain your large dog. No matter the case, we can help you get the perfect fence for your backyard.

Fences for Uneven Yards

Stepped fences are perfect for sloped ground, as each panel has a 90-degree angle. Each panel is a little bit taller than the next, which creates a step appearance. These are ideal for creating more privacy for your home. Contoured fences change in height depending on the ground, so they will be a level height. This type of fence is ideal if you have slopes and want to ensure your animal cannot escape.

Unique Fencing Materials

You may want to customize your fence based on the material that you choose. Some material options include chain link, aluminum, ornamental iron, wrought-iron, vinyl, iron and wood. You can also personalize your fence through color, height and design. Ornamental iron is another great choice for personalization, as you can pick the specific design of the fence, from simple lines to elegant designs.

Choose Landscaping Elements

Do you have a green thumb? Our fence contractor in Skokie wants to see it! Add landscaping elements both along and on your fence to add a pop of color.

If you need a fence touch-up or a completely new fence, we can help! Set up a consultation with us to ensure you have a beautiful fence that’s finished in time for warm weather.  

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