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Fence materials that can withstand a storm

Published on May 30th, 2019

When you first begin looking for a fence contractor in Park Ridge or the greater Chicagoland area, you might already have several ideas in mind for what sort of fence you will need. A big deciding factor for most people is cost, followed by style and material. Some materials used for fences require less maintenance than others, but depending on where you live, materials that are prone to rot or the erosion caused by high moisture levels may deteriorate quicker than others.

The best fence materials for withstanding storms and high humidity levels are vinyl and metal, wrought iron more specifically. Wrought iron can be painted with a rust resistant finish regularly to prevent damage. A vinyl fence only needs a good washing from time to time to remove dirt and buildup.

High winds can also have a negative effect on fencing. Fences made of wood will undoubtedly fall sooner in a storm than either metal or vinyl, and chain link fences will allow more air to run through them rather than a close paneled wood style.

If you are searching for the best kind of fencing material that can withstand a storm, talk to the professionals at Top Line Fence. We will assist in helping you pick out the best material to suit all your needs, and your environment.

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