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Published on November 8th, 2016

With the arrival of November, it is important that we, as homeowners, are prepared for Chicago’s harsh weather conditions in late fall and winter. From several feet of snow to freezing temperatures to severe winds, Chicago has seen it all. With these harsh weather conditions comes unexpected damages to your property. At Top Line Fence, we understand how important it is for you to protect your largest investment, your home. When winter and fall get the best of your fence, contact our team of professionals for fence repair in Chicago. We will make sure that your fence is repaired quickly and efficiently.

Common Fall and Winter Fence Damages

At Top Line Fence, there is rarely a fence problem we have not seen before. In our experience the below problems are the most common types of fence damages that occur in late fall and winter:

  • Tree falls on your fence
  • Storm and severe winds shifting the placement of your fence
  • Neighbors tree falls on your fence
  • Heavy snow damages fence
  • Mold or rotting wood fence from storms

Fence Repair Chicago

Here at Top Line Fence we have been repairing and installing fences since 1972. We take great pride in helping homeowners in Chicago and it’s surrounding suburbs with all aspects of their fencing needs. Whenever you are in need of a fence repair in Chicago this winter call us (773) 637-2122.

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