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How to Stop Burrowing Animals from Entering Your Yard

Published on May 21st, 2018

It’s likely you invest money in a new fence, so you ensure unwanted guests stay out, burrowing critters included. Animals like skunks, chipmunks, raccoons and woodchucks all seem to find a way into your yard despite it being blocked off by your fence. You may even find that you need a fence repair in Chicago thanks to these animals. Here are some tips on ensuring your summer months are spent enjoying your backyard instead of stressing over burrowing animals.

How Deep are Your Posts?

It’s important to make sure your fence is both tall enough and deep enough to deter critters from entering. We recommend your fence be at least six feet tall with a minimum of 5-foot posts to keep animals out. The deeper your posts, the less likely animals will be to dig their way into your yard.

Use Chicken Wire

If you still find that animals are getting into your yard, consider using chicken wire to deter them. At the very least, it should be inserted 10 inches below ground level to act as another barrier between your yard and the animal. Another technique you may consider is laying the chicken wire flat throughout the perimeter of your yard or garden. This will make it significantly more difficult for burrowing animals to even begin digging into the ground. If you speculate that some animals are climbing your fence, you can add chicken wire to the top of your fence and bend it facing outwards so it’s more difficult to do so.

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