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How to Take Care of Your Wood Fence

Published on October 18th, 2019

Wood fences are a very popular feature for many homes for their rustic appeal and natural aesthetic. However, wood fences do require specific upkeep in order to maintain their appearance. Use these tips from our fence contractor near Winnetka to help keep your fence looking as good as new. 


Cleaning away debris or mud when you see it, is the most crucial step in maintaining your wood fence. Our roof contractor near Winnetka recommends removing tough stains by scrubbing the wood with a white vinegar and water mixture. 


Overtime, the nails and rods holding the fence together can become loose or broken. Diligently tighten or replace nails that are sticking out or missing from your fence. This not only helps your fence stay up but keeps the animals and people moving around the fence safe. 


Often times wood fences become a home for unwelcome guests. Our fence contractor near Winnetka advises removing any bird nests that show up in your fence immediately. If you have insects such as termites living in your fence seek professional help. 

Mold & Mildew

Even the best kept wood fences can be ruined by mold or mildew. If you are able to spot this problem early enough you can still save your fence. First, clean the fence extensively with soap and water. Then, follow the wash with a mildew cleaner. 

All fence materials are different and have different upkeep levels. To learn more about wood or other fence materials, contact Top Line Fence by visiting our website or calling 773.637.2122.

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