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Most Common Fence Repairs in Winter

Published on December 20th, 2019

Winter is suddenly upon us. The freezing cold winds and massive snowfalls can take a huge toll on your fence. The good news is Top Line Fence professionals can handle all fence repairs in Chicago. Here are the most common problems to look out for over the holidays. 


As the temperature drops, it is common for your fence to change shape ever so slightly. This phenomenon tends to rattle pesky knotholes out of wooden fences. An open hole is not only displeasing to the eye, but it also looks awfully inviting for termites. 


The rainy and snowy winter weather can slowly wear away at your fence paint coat causing a rusty eyesore. Our Top Line Fence professionals can bring your fence back to life with new coats of rust-resistant paint. Contact us at first sign of rust to avoid amplifying the effects over the season. 

Falling Branches

Unfortunately, snow isn’t the only thing that tends to fall. Customers often call in about falling branches that cause considerable damage to their fence. You can try to avoid this problem by removing low hanging branches before it starts to get cold. However, if a branch does take a tumble on your fence contact a professional immediately. 

Looking for a friendly and experienced fence repair service in Chicago? Contact Top Line Fence today for more information on how to keep your fence looking beautiful all winter long. We offer free estimates, so call 773.637.2122 to schedule your fence repair!

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