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Picking the Right Fence for You and Your Dog

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Having a safe space for your dog to roam around your yard is essential for many dog owners, but picking the right fence to ensure the dog’s safety can be a difficult decision. Knowing what is right for you and your dog depends on a variety of factors, including dog size and dog personality. Use the following tips to have your local fence company in Park Ridge build the best fence for your dog.

Size of Dog

Size is an important factor to consider because different sizes give dogs different capabilities to potentially escape the fenced in yard. A large dog may be able to easily climb over a fence whereas a small dog could sneak beneath the fence. The ideal fence for a large dog is at least tall enough where the dog is unable to put his paws on top. The ideal fence for a small dog goes low enough into the ground where the dog is unable to slide underneath. Also, check that vertical pickets are narrow enough to contain your small dog.

Dog Personality

It is also critical to consider your dog’s personality – think about about how your dog acts outside of the yard. A jumper or climber will need a fence company in Park Ridge to build a high fence, such as a wood fence since those are harder to climb. A chain link fence works well for dogs who dig since the bottom can be buried and can help prevent your dog from tunneling underneath. If your dog is a chewer, avoid wooden fences because dogs may chew through loose boards.

Top Line Fence will provide you with a great fence to keep your pup safe – contact us today!

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