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Prevent Your Wood Fence from Rotting

Published on August 22nd, 2017

Whether you choose a wood fence for beauty, or for privacy, the natural warmth of wood Is yours to enjoy and protect. Unfortunately, your wood fence has natural enemies. A fence company in Chicago can help you fix your fence if it begins to rot, but here are a few ways to help you prevent rotting from occurring:

1. Understand the Risks

The best way you can prevent your fence from rotting is by understanding the threats in your yard that could cause these damages. There are two types of rot; dry rot and wet rot. If you live in a more rainy or wet environment, your fence will be more prone to wet rot. This is especially common for parts of fences embedded in the soil. Dry rot, as its name suggests, is the opposite. Dry rot occurs when the wood is exposed to a harsh, dry environment. Talk to a fence company in Chicago to best understand if your fence is experiencing these rotting habits.

2. Replace Rot As it Appears

When you see one part of a fence rotting, it is likely to be contagious to the rest of the fence. The sooner you get out the rotted parts the healthier your fence will stay. Contact a fence company in Chicago for professional help in remodeling and upgrading your rotting fence.

3. Stain Your Fence

It is recommended to stain your fence at least once a year to keep rotting at bay. However, this can vary depending on your yard’s environmental factors such as average temperature, amount of rainfall, soil, etc. You can see if your wood fence needs another staining by testing it with a bit of water. If the water beads remain on the woods exterior, then your fence is in good condition. If the water beads soak into the fence, then it is time for another staining session.

4. Keep Your Fence Clear of Damp Foliage

Don’t let your fence rest alongside damp leaves, grasses, plants, and other debris that could seep into your fence’s crevices.

5. Contact Top Line Fence

For hardy, rot-resistant wood fences, contact Top Line Fence. Our fence company in Chicago can help you replace any rotted areas and can give you advice on best practices to keep you wooded fence strong and healthy.

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