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How To Repair A Rusted Wrought Iron Railing

Published on October 26th, 2016

Wrought iron fences and railings are often a very desirable type of fence due to the appearance. Wrought iron running along your home’s perimeter provides an elegant look to a traditional home. Wrought iron fences can be as elegant and formal as pickets and rails with a basic speared top, or as decorative and ornamental as patterned rails. No matter what type of wrought iron railing you have, you want it to last a lifetime. A common problem with wrought iron railings is rust. Learn how you can repair a rusted wrought iron railing!

  1. Cover the area around the railing with drop cloths and tape off any areas you want to protect with painters tape.
  2. Sand off as much as the rust as possible using abrasive tools. If your railing is mostly unornamented and smooth, wire brushes, steel wool, sanding sponges, or a small power tool will be suitable. If your railing is more ornate and has areas that are hard to reach, you may also need sanding tape and sanding cord to access hard to reach areas. If you are unsure contact our experts at Top Line Fence before moving forward with sanding.
  3. Apply naval jelly to any remaining rust with a paintbrush. Naval jelly contains phosphoric acid, this will dissolve rust. Allow this product to sit on the metal for up to 10 minutes. Wipe off with a rag. Rinse the railing using a hose with a spray attachment, then wipe down for a second time with mineral spirits.
  4. Check for persistent rust spots that you have not been able to remove. If there are any, apply a rust converter to them. This will cause a chemical reaction that prevents the rust from spreading and causes more damage to your wrought iron railings. After the time specified by the manufacturer, sand the area again to smooth. Wipe it with a tack cloth to remove sanding dust.
  5. Observe the area on the railings where you removed rust. If the bare metal is pitted or corroded, apply a rust filler to the area. Allow the product to carefully and sand down to leave a smooth surface.
  6. Spray oil-based, rust-inhibiting primer as quickly as possible after removing rust. Use a paintbrush to access areas you could not spray. Allow primer to dry. Prime and repaint either the damaged areas or the entire railing for a more even finish.
  7. Apply a spray-on, oil-based, rust-inhibiting enamel to the wrought iron railing.

If you have any questions about repairing a rusted wrought iron fence, contact the professionals at Top Line Fence. We guarantee you will receive top-notch service and products when you work with our team. We stand for top-of-the-line work and have since 1972!

Courtesy of: SFGate

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