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Security Fences for the Home – Part I

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Security Fences for the Home – Part I

Choosing the Best Security Fence for Home Protection

Security is something everyone thinks about at some point when they own any type of property, and it often gains importance when it comes to protecting your home and family. The right type of fence can add to the overall security of your home, while the wrong fence could actually make your home move vulnerable.

While many homeowners choose a residential fence without really giving it too much thought, some fences are better choices than others when it comes to making your home more secure. As previously noted, certain fences can help burglars who are looking to target your home – which is of course, the opposite of what you want. So what type of security fence will truly help to protect your home?

In general, you should select a fencing solution that is difficult to climb over, does not provide hiding places, and cannot be easily bypassed.

Your Fence Should not be Easy to Climb Over

The fact is, when you are choosing a fence for security reasons, the taller the better – but a lot of cities and homeowner’s associations (HOAs) have rules limiting the height of fencing installed within their jurisdiction. Nevertheless, when you are working with your fence contractor near Chicago, you may still be able to install a fence that is difficult to climb over.

First, if it is permitted where you live, choose a fence that is at least 8 feet tall. Otherwise, choose the tallest allowed by your HOA or municipality.

You should also limit the number of horizontal rails including in the design – which literally give burglars and trespassers “a leg up” if they attempt to scale your fence. Additionally, you should consider choosing a fence that has a pointed or spiked top – you can also choose to install anti-climb spikes or razor wire on the top of a flat-topped fence.

Your Fence Should not Provide a Place to Hide

If security is a concern for you, you do not want to install a solid fence, you should choose a see-through option – ornamental steel or similar material. You should be able to see anyone on the other side of your fence – and you want your neighbors to be able to spot strangers in your yard when you are not at home.

Make Sure There are no Easy Outs (or Ins)

The purpose of a security fence is defeated if a burglar can simply go under or around it (or cut through it easily). To prevent this from happening, ask your iron or wood fence company in Chicago to secure your fence to the ground with concrete. The best option is to have concrete footings placed along the entire length of the fence, but that can be very expensive. The second-best option is to ensure the posts are all secured in concrete.

Furthermore, you will want to avoid some common fence types that are easy to cut with bolt cutters. These include chain-link, wooden lattice, and wire fencing. Secure gates are also important – a fence is only as secure as its weakest point – so making sure your gates are as strong and unpassable as your fence panels is crucial. You will also want to secure the gates with heavy-duty locks.

For more information about securing your home and yard, check back here for Part 2 of this blog series. In the meantime, if you are looking for a reliable fence repair company in Chicago, we invite you to give us a call today.

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