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Security Fences for the Home – Part II

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Various Types of Security Fencing – Installed by Fence Contractors in Chicago

If you are specifically looking for a fence to improve security around your home, there are certain prerequisites you’ll want to include. As we explained earlier, it is important to choose a fence that cannot be easily bypassed, is difficult to climb over, and does not provide hiding places.

With these basics in mind, there are many options to choose from. It is also important to consider zoning laws, HOA rules, and budget constraints when deciding on what type of fence to install. Here we list a couple of the most popular fence material options.

Metal Security Fences

Metal fences are an attractive option, usually consisting of tall, thin, evenly spaced metal rods. The wrought iron fence, which comes in a wide variety of designs, is the most popular type of residential, metal security fence. Nevertheless, there are other materials available, including aluminum rod, horizontal alloy, and even stainless-steel options.

Security Fences For Home

Metal security fencing is more expensive than wood or wire fencing when it comes to the initial installation cost, but it tends to be cost-effective over time. These fences usually last longer than wire mesh options and require less maintenance than their wooden counterparts. They are also sturdier and more difficult to breach than either.

Wire Mesh Fencing

Wire mesh fencing consists of tightly woven wire formed into panels that are installed between metal poles. Most people agree that it is better than ordinary chain link fencing in terms of security. Chain link fencing is easier to cut, climb, unravel, and takes significantly less time to breach than its wire mesh counterparts.

When faced with welded wire mesh, an intruder will need to cut, bend, and manipulate multiple sections to allow for access – which makes entering the restricted area a time-consuming proposition.

This type of fencing is slightly more expensive, yet remains competitive with chain link in terms of initial cost. However, the durability and quality of wire mesh fencing far surpasses chain link fencing over time.

Wooden Fencing

Wooden fencing often consists of solid panels that work well for privacy, but also provides hiding places for burglars. However, a short, decorative wooden fence can provide a mental barrier to potential burglars in places where taller fencing is either inappropriate or disallowed.

If security is your priority, your best option is to surround your entire yard with a tall security fence. However, for many homes that is not permitted or realistic. That is when a small decorative fence can be used to improve security. Even though it is not impenetrable, any home appears more difficult to break into with a fence around it.

Additionally, as long as your fence is equipped with a secure gate, anyone with nefarious intentions will have to hop over your fence to enter your yard. This will draw a great deal more attention than simply walking up to the front door in a casual, nonchalant manner. Your neighbors are likely to notice.

A burglar also likes to make a quick getaway with anything they may be carrying. Jumping a fence can make that a lot more difficult as well.

Top Line Fence

Everyone is concerned about security. Afterall, we want to protect what’s most important to us – especially our home and family. Among the best ways to improve the security surrounding your home is to reach out to one of the most experienced and reliable fence companies in Chicago – Top Line Fence.

We offer design consultation, installation, and unparalleled workmanship throughout Chicago and the surrounding suburbs. If you are considering replacing or installing a fence at your home or commercial property, we invite you to give us a call to schedule your free estimate today.

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