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Why to Use Chain Link Fences in Chicago

Published on June 23rd, 2017

At Top Line Fence, one of our specialties is erecting chain link fence in Chicago. Chain length fencing is a versatile and affordable option for enclosing areas like backyards, sports fields, playgrounds and commercial areas. Also known as hurricane or cyclone fencing, due to its durability and ability to withstand gale force winds, chain link fencing is made of woven, inter-locking steel wire attached to steel posts cemented into ground.

Uses of Chain Link Fencing

  • Security – Chain link fencing can be used to create a secure barrier around a residential home, commercial business or industrial job site. Various heights of fencing can be used depending on your need. Though you probably don’t want it at residential sites, additional deterrents, like barbed wire, can be added to prevent climbing access.


  • Safety – Chain link fencing is an excellent choice for playgrounds and parks, particularly near city streets or other areas where children might be injured chasing a ball or other toys.


  • Pet containment – Chain link fencing works great for creating dog kennels and runs or for keeping your pets in their own yard.


  • Temporary use – Because of the design used to create chain link fencing, the steel posts can be easily pulled out of the ground, and the wire fencing can be rolled up and moved to a different location. This is how chain link fencing is often used on job sites and at industrial facilities, increasing the use a company will get out of the material.

Benefits of Chain Link Fencing

  • Durability – Chain link fence is made from galvanized steel, giving it the ability to hold up to use and punishment for many years.


  • Easy repair – Any areas of fence that are damaged due to excessive wear and tear, accidents or vandalism, can be easily cut out and replaced. New galvanized steel fencing will match easily with older fencing for repairs, so the entire fence won’t need to be replaced.


  • Easy maintenance – Galvanized steel fencing is very easy to maintain. There is virtually no upkeep.


  • Inexpensive – Chain link fencing is much easier and less expensive to install than other fencing such as brick, wood or PVC.

At Top Line Fence, we have constructed countless miles of chain link fence fence in Chicago around both residential and commercial properties, and we want to meet your fencing needs. Email or call us at 773-637-2122 for your free, no-obligation fencing quote.

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