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What Is Ornamental Iron?

Published on July 25th, 2016

Ornamental Iron is a decorative element that is oftentimes used in gates, fences, patio furniture, and hand rails. Ornamental iron is also more commonly known as wrought iron. Due to it being a weatherproof materially, it is a very attractive building material. Ornamental Iron is very popular in Chicago for several reasons.

Chicago Ornamental Iron
A fence created from ornamental iron is great to keep unwanted intruders both human and animals, out. Chicago Ornamental Iron can also be used for a decorative touch to your home. A charming entrance to your home’s garden or patio area can be made with ornamental iron. Iron handrails can also add security and safety to your home during Chicago’s icy and snowy winters. Iron gates often give off an older slower time impression. Real ornamental iron is hand-forged, meaning the metal is heated and carefully formed into shape by a blacksmith, making an elegant addition to your home.

Styles Of Ornamental Iron
There are several styles of ornamental iron available in Chicago. From standard bars and sheets to elaborate scrolls, stamped floral designs, and baskets, there are many options for customization for your home. Fences and doors can often be embellished with bars, balls, posts, and pegs. Jagged spear points can be added to Chicago ornamental iron for added security.

Interested In Ornamental Iron?
If you are interested in aesthetics and quality fencing, we offer beautiful designs of ornamental iron for a beautiful touch to your home. No matter what your fencing needs are, at Top Line Fence we can help you achieve the perfect layout and design to keep your home protected. Call us today for a free project quote (773) 637-2122.

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