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What to Consider When Getting a Fence for Your Big Dog

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If you have a big dog who is also strong and energetic, it’s important to think about the right type of fence you need in your yard. Finding a fence that satisfies both your budget and looks can be exciting, but the added benefit is finding one that also stops your furry best friend from escaping your property. Discover the five things to consider when getting a fence in Chicago, Illinois.

Big Dogs Can Jump

Did you know that if you have a 4-foot-high fence, your Husky or Golden Retriever can still hop over it? Consider getting a fence that is five or six feet high—for most breeds, six feet will be a perfect height. In addition to height, think of your dog’s strength and make sure you stick to high-quality wood and vinyl or composite materials so your dog cannot charge or bite it to pieces. You may be spending more money, but it will be worth it to keep your furry friend on your property.

Make The Fence Too Hard To Climb

In addition to jumping, you should know that a smart dog can also climb a fence. Make sure you choose a fence that has a climb-proof design. Avoid chain-link fences and stick to a solid panel fence because the flat surface will keep your dog from finding a place to stick his paws. Keep the fence’s ground perimeter free of things like stepstools and birdbaths.

Privacy Is Key

Solid fences, like the wooden or vinyl panel fence we mentioned above, helps give both you and your dog privacy as you cannot see what’s on the other side. If the furball cannot see squirrels, other dogs, and people through the fence, it’s possible he or she will stay calmer and you’ll hear less barking. Panel fences are also more appealing than a chain-link fence so you’ll love it just as much as your dog. 

Consider Avoiding The Invisible Fence

Some owners like to avoid the idea of a fence by using an invisible fence. However, invisible fences may be worse for your dog, behaviorally. Getting shocked each time you cross something you cannot see can be stressful and provoke anger in your dog, so think about sticking to a traditional fence. 

Keep Your Dog Happy At Home

Many dogs get antsy staying at home all day and need exercise to keep their excitement at bay. If your dog is bored, they’ll be more tempted to escape the yard. Make sure you don’t keep your dog cooped up by playing with them daily and taking them on long walks when needed. 

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