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What to Know About Athletic Fences

Published on September 23rd, 2019

Depending on the sport, figuring out how to fence different athletic areas will vary greatly. If the fence will be used to protect spectators from balls and other sporting equipment, it will need to be tall enough to accomplish this without blocking the view. If it will simply be used to mark a playing area, or set what is out of bounds, then a shorter fence will likely suffice.

What is the Purpose of the Fence?

Before selecting an athletic fence, it is important to determine its purpose. Will the fence surround the court/field, or will it be utilized as a backstop? What type of equipment is used in the fenced-in area? These are important questions when it comes to determining the gauge of the wire and the size of the holes in the fence.


Whether you are preparing to build a fence around an athletic field that is in the middle of a bustling city, or you have an athletic court at home that you want to fence in, you will want it to look as good as it performs. What a fence looks like is probably not important when it comes to the sport being played, however, a sports team always wants their field to look attractive and professional and a homeowner never wants their property to appear tacky.

Keeping the look of your fence is also important, and therefore, the climate your fence will face is also important to consider when choosing finishes. Consider if the fence is sitting in the grass, or if it will be exposed to a sprinkler system. Whether you select a chain-link fence, a wooden fence, or something specially designed for your needs, preventing damage to the fence will keep the athletic area safe and looking good, while saving money in the long run.

Consult an Expert Fence Contractor

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