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What Type of Fence Is Right For My House?

Published on November 14th, 2019

The right fence can elevate any yard, but finding the perfect fence fit can be overwhelming. Use these tips from our fence company near Evanston to help sort through the endless options of fencing types and find the correct match for your home.  


First things first, make sure you know what purpose you want your fence to provide. Are you getting a fence to maintain privacy from your neighbors? If so, check out our privacy fencing options like a tall wood fence. Or maybe you are getting a fence to keep your dogs in the yard. In that case, choose a fence with narrowly spaced pickets that will keep your dog safely enclosed. Each fence type can help fulfill a specific purpose in mind. 

Style of Your House

This may go without saying, but you’ll need a fence that complements the architectural style of your home. For example, a ranch-style home would look great with a traditional wooden fence, while a modern-style condo could be enhanced by a wrought iron fence. Our fence company near Evanston can help you find the right fence style for you. 

Surrounding Neighborhood 

It’s a good idea to consider the look of neighboring fences when deciding on your style. Your neighborhood might even have a homeowners association which enforces certain restrictions on what kind of fence you can have. That being said, you can choose to conform to the surrounding houses or stand out.

Contact our fencing company near Evanston by visiting us online to explore your fencing options. 

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