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Causes & Prevention of Fence Rot

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Wooden fences are of the most cost effective and attractive fence materials used by your local fence company in Park Ridge. With all the different types of woods, along with the way in which they can be cut, you will find wood fences are among the most versatile. Wooden fences are a great way to gain more privacy and a natural look for your home, however, rot can occur in wood when fences are installed or cared for improperly. Rotting is defined by deterioration of the material, which can result in collapse if not fixed or checked. The following information helps you to understand how rot is created and how to prevent rot from forming.

How Rot is Created

As a result of poor weather conditions, many wooden fences experience rotting whether it is sunny or dry outside. The two main kinds of rot that wooden fences experience are dry rot or wet rot. Wet rot is the most common fence rot and occurs when the wood holds too much moisture. This type of rot usually initiates toward the base of the fence because the ground is generally damp, especially in the morning. The rot on the base of the fence is accompanied by fungal growth and a musty smell. Another form of rot is dry rot, caused by a lack of moisture and sunny conditions. These conditions dry out the wood, leading to a potential crumbling.

How to Prevent

By being aware of rot risks that come with various kinds of wood, you are more likely to be able to prevent rot from forming. For instance, juniper and cedar woods are hardier and are less likely to rot, and pine and tamarack, on the other hand, are more susceptible to rotting. After the wooden fence is finalized, be sure to check your fence regularly for cleanliness and rot damage because the fix is easier when noticed earlier on. Keeping the wooden fence stained and protected by seleant are important measures that prevent rot. If your budget allows for a more expensive option, you can also have your local fence company in Park Ridge build your fence with a non wood material.

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