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Land Surrounding A Commercial or Residential Building

If you see the need to mark the boundaries of your property, contact Top Line Fence for expert fencing guidance and installation. Whether the land is an open public park owned by the city, the yard around your residential home in Wilmette, a compound within a manufacturing or warehousing business, or the small strip of curbside land – you are entitled to protect your property as you see fit.  If you are an owner that seeks to clearly define your land, then contact Top Line Fence near Wilmette to mark your property today.

Fence It In

Depending on your goals, there are many ways we can achieve demarcation. If you value a cost-effective approach, our experts at Top Line Fence will help you find inexpensive fencing materials that meet your needs. If you value an aesthetically pleasing look to your fence, then we can help guide you to find a material that best fits your property’s aesthetics.

Double Check Your Property Lines

You may think you know where your property ends and your neighbor’s property begins, but do not begin construction of a fence in Wilmette before you’re sure of your land’s boundaries. Study your residential or commercial line drawing or ask a land surveyor for assistance. Our fence company will usually install the fence a foot inside the property line, just to make sure you’re not pushing the limits.

Top Line Fence supplies and installs a fine selection of ornamental wrought iron, vinyl, wood, and chain link fencing applications. Contact us today for more information.


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