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Selecting fencing for your property can be overwhelming when you begin to consider the multitude of fencing options that are available. Even when you narrow it down to wooden fences, choosing the right style can be confusing. The decision really comes down to two considerations – form and function.

Sometimes a fence can offer the perfect combination of both style (form) and the practical purpose the fencing will serve (function). However, that is not always the case. For example, metal chain-link fencing can offer security, although it may not fit the style of your home or business. Nevertheless, security concerns may win out in some instances.

Focusing on Form

When it comes to wooden fences, finding a stylish, attractive fence will mean considering styles that are compatible with both your home and landscape design. For instance, if your home is a ranch surrounded by southwestern themed landscaping, you might select a split-rail wood fence design. Conversely, you might choose a picket-style to go with a cottage-style home with landscape accents inspired by English cottage gardens.

When Function is Important

There are some circumstances when a wooden fence, despite its beauty, may not be a suitable choice for fencing. For instance, if your fencing needs to keep animals in, an electric fence may be the perfect choice, and in areas near forest preserves, deer fencing may be needed. Additionally, if security is the prime concern, it may be wise to choose metal fencing, which is usually considered superior to wooden fences for security purposes.

Wooden fences, however, are an excellent choice when it comes to privacy fencing. It works well in terms of visual barriers and noise barriers. When your primary concern is privacy, wooden fences, along with their vinyl imitations, provide some of the most attractive options available.

If you’re searching for a visual barrier to place between your neighbor’s yard and your own, the stockade style offers a perfect solution. Some people are willing to compromise some privacy for a style that offers a bit more airiness. Lattice fencing and tall picket fencing are both good choices if this is what you hope to achieve.

Compatibility with Landscaping

Choosing between the various types of wooden fencing will also depend on your landscape design. Solid fences provide perfect backdrops for plantings, while airier designs look great with flower borders. Ideally, your fencing will work with your landscaping elements to create a compelling, harmonious design.

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