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Factors That Determine Fence Prices

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With warm weather moving into Chicagoland it seems like everyone is preparing for summer. In a lot of cases that means repairing or replacing fences, whether they surround your front yard, back yard, or the entirety of your property.

If you are hoping to replace your fence, repair it, or build a brand new one, there will be many things you will have to consider before settling on the perfect design. Price will be one of the determining factors when you start looking into different fence companies in Park Ridge, Illinois, as it should be. Several variables which go into determining that price include materials, the size of your property, ground and weather conditions, accessibility, and time.

What Material?

The material you choose will have a lot to do with the final cost. Chain link fencing is going to cost much less than wrought iron, but there are also vinyl and wood options. Depending on the size of your fence, a more affordable material can end up being worth your while. Look into which material fits your needs and style best, then decide if the cost is within your budget. Be certain to consider quality, as well, and remember that the cheaper you go now, the more expensive things could become in the long run.

The Square Footage

Pricing will have a great deal to do with the area you want to be surrounded by fencing. Larger areas will inevitably require more labor, time, and materials, therefore space has a lot to do with the project’s total cost.

Consider the area itself and whether it is readily accessible and easy to maneuver through. If you want your fence built on very hilly terrain, through an area filled with trees and thick roots, or the ground is particularly hard or unstable, it will likely add to the labor cost.

Weather conditions also make a difference in the cost of building a new fence. Wintertime when the earth is frozen, or during very wet months when the ground is muddy and slick, will hike up the price of the project.

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When looking to build or replace a fence, it is important to find a reliable company you can trust. Fence companies throughout the city will base prices off of many factors but only some will provide you with low prices for quality work and materials. That is where Top Line Fence comes in. Top Line Fence is an experienced, reliable fence company providing services throughout Chicagoland, including Park Ridge, Illinois. Call us at (773)-637-2122 for a free quote.

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