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When you get a fence, it is not only important to think about your yard, but your neighbors’ yards as well. There is a certain fence etiquette that you must follow in order to be respectful to your neighbors. For example, what type of material is best for not only your home, but your neighborhood? Maybe you opt for Chicago ornamental iron or maybe you’ve been dreaming of a classic wooden fence. This is an aspect of your home that your neighbors will be able to see on a daily basis, so keep these things in mind before you break ground.

Define Your Property Lines

It can be unclear to the naked eye where one person’s property ends, and another begins. It is beneficial to check your house’s plat that maps out what property you own and where your property lines end. You may be unsure of where this document is; if this is the case, your county’s record office should be able to provide it to you for free. If necessary, a surveyor can also come to your property and help you establish your property lines.

Have a Conversation with Your Neighbors

Not only will your fence affect your yard, but the yard of your neighbors as well. Make sure you have a conversation with your neighbor before you begin the process. Although it is not required, it is common courtesy and the right thing to do. You may even find that your neighbor was also interested in a Chicago ornamental iron fence, so it is a project that you can split the cost.

Finished vs. Unfinished Fence Sides

Some fence materials automatically make a “finished” versus “unfinished” fence. For example, wooden fences have a “good” side that is smoother and polished while the other, or “bad” side shows posts and nails. It is important for the “good” side of the fence to be installed outwards, otherwise, it may look like your fence was installed backward. However, with materials such as Chicago ornamental iron, there is no such thing as a “good” side of the fence.

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