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Fence Repairs in the Winter

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You may not associate the cold winter months with an opportune time to call our fence contractor in Skokie. However, the winter is a great time to ensure your fence is structurally sound. While the winter may be filled with cold temperatures, not every day will be extremely cold. Here are some reasons that you may want to consider fence work during the winter.

Available Labor

Not many people think to tend to their fence during the winter, which is why you should consider calling our fence contractor in Skokie. Instead of our team being swamped with other clients, it is more of a down season for us. While we always make our clients a priority, it is a fact that we aren’t as busy during the winter months. We are happy to pull together a team and make sure your fence gets the TLC it needs.

Shorter Permit Wait Times

In order to break ground in certain areas, you’ll need to obtain a permit beforehand. Unfortunately, getting a permit may take some time during the busier summer months. During the winter, fewer people are determined to get a permit, so it can help speed up the process of tending to your fence. Generally speaking, you can expect the process to move faster during winter months.

Less Damage to Landscape

Plants don’t thrive during the winter months, which is a good thing if you are trying to make changes to your fence. You won’t have to worry about damaging your shrubs or trees that are along your fence line. The grass will also be dormant during this time, which is why any equipment that drives over your lawn will cause less damage as well.

Less Disruptive to Neighbors

There aren’t as many people outside during the winter months. This is beneficial because any landscaping or fence work will not disturb your neighbors.

Stronger Materials

Did you know that pressure-treated wood has 50 percent moisture content upon first use? This is beneficial because the winter months are less humid, meaning the wood will be better to stabilize and dry evenly. If you pressure-treat wood during the summer months, the sun may cause it to cool too fast, causing cracking and warping.

Take advantage of the winter lull by calling our fence contractor in Skokie! We are happy to help you with all of your fencing needs during this time.

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