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Individual Fence Pickets vs. Fence Panels

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A lot of research goes into what type of fence is built for a particular property. If you are trying to determine what type of fence is right for you and your family, one consideration to think about is using individual fence pickets versus fence panels. This may seem like a minor consideration in the grand scheme of things, however, there are positives and negatives to each alternative. Here’s what our fence contractor in Park Ride wants you to know. 

Individual Fence Pickets

Through this process, your fence will be built piece-by-piece. Our fence contractor in Park Ridge can provide you with individual fence pickets of your liking. This process takes a lot more time and effort as opposed to using fence panels because each picket must be placed as one piece onto the board rails. This means that each individual piece must be the exact same size, a process that can be difficult if you are not a professional. 

The most common material for individual fence pickets is wood, but it is also possible for individual pieces to be made in vinyl.  As a general rule of thumb, it is much easier for vinyl fences to be installed via pre-assembled panels as opposed to individual pickets. 

Pre-Made Fence Panels

Our fence contractor in Park Ridge also offers fence panels that come in a variety of heights, widths, and overall aesthetic. Pre-made fence panels often come in heights of either six or eight feet, but they also come in smaller heights such as three or four feet. Pre-made fence panels are ideal if you are trying to have a fence installed in a short amount of time, as the process is usually much quicker than installing individual pickets. The quality of the pre-made fence panels is typically higher than individual pickets as pre-made panels come from reputable manufacturers to ensure all parts are uniform. There is a higher amount of quality control with pre-made panels as opposed to individual pickets. 

At the end of the day, both individual pickets and pre-made fence panels are great options for different reasons. Our team at Top Line Fence will make sure that you are happy with your fence regardless of the method that you prefer.

If you are interested in getting a new fence in 2019, don’t hesitate to contact our fence contractor in Park Ridge to get started! 

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