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Preparing Your Fence for Fall

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Now that summer is officially over, and fall is upon us once again, it is time to start preparing our home for the cold weather that is to come. Your yard is especially important to prepare for the transition in order for it to emerge in the spring in good condition. If you have a fence, it had to endure a summer of hot weather, sticky heat and copious amounts of rain. Now is the time to inspect your fence and prepare it for fall. Keep these tips in mind from Top Line Fence, our fence contractor in Skokie.

Check for Rot

Depending on the material that your fence is made from, you’ll need to check for potential signs of rot. Wooden fences are especially susceptible to rot and need to be inspected. Check over your fence posts to make sure that they are structurally sound and are able to hold up for another season. If you notice, contact our fence contractor in Skokie to replace any damaged parts. Also, check other facets of your fence including the latches and fence boards for signs of rust or damage. Depending on what shape your fence is in, this could be a good time to tear the fence down and rebuild a new one.

Other signs of rot include boards that are caving in, loose or wobbly posts, and gate sags that don’t properly close.

Make Sure to Waterproof

If you have a wooden fence, make sure to waterproof it again before winter hits. Snow can take a big toll on the life of your fence, so make sure to apply a sealant this fall. You can apply a small amount of water to your fence if you are unsure if it is waterproof. The fence will turn a darker color if it is not waterproof and if your fence is waterproof, the water will bead up. Know that if you have a vinyl fence, it is already waterproof.

Keep Leaves Away from Your Fence

It’s important to keep your fence free of leaves and other debris during the fall. Leaves often hold moisture that can wear at the life of your fence. Plus, it will make your yard look cleaner as well.

Contact our fence contractor in Skokie if you need help preparing your fence for fall or if you need a new fence altogether.

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