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Signs Your Wooden Fence Needs a Repair

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When you put your money into a fence, you expect it to last as long as possible. Unfortunately, many fence materials are not equipped to endure the extreme weather conditions that Chicago has to offer. Intense sun, rain, snow, ice and everything in-between can pose a threat to the condition of your fence. To combat this, our fence contractor near Skokie has outlined some tell-tale signs that it’s time to invest in a new fence.

Your Wood is Rotting

If your fence is made from wood, with time, you may begin to notice that moisture has made its way inside the panels, causing rot. This is especially the case if your fence has wood that isn’t treated or protected in any way. Wood rot can occur in both warm and cold temperatures. In the spring and summer months, there is likely more rain that soaks into your fence. In the winter months, snow and ice can make their way into panels and cracks. If you have a sealant, it will protect from wood rot up until a certain point. Once it begins to fade, call our fence contractor near Skokie.

Broken and Damaged Boards

What’s the point in having a protective, secure fence if it has cracks and breaks in it? If your fence was built many years ago, it is only a matter of time before weather conditions take their toll. Both moisture and high temperatures can cause untreated boards to swell and crack. The nails that keep the fence in place won’t move, so there is not a lot of give if the boards begin to expand. It is best to address breaking fence boards as soon as possible to ensure there are not any major security risks.

Missing Fasteners

There is usually a series of nails, fasteners and screws that keep your wooden fence together. Fences that have gone through a lot of wear and tear may begin to lose these parts because of ice, wind and other weather conditions. If you see a hole in your fence where a nail used to be, call our fence contractor in Skokie to address the problem.

Our fence professionals at Top Line Fence have the knowledge and experience it takes to build a high-quality fence for you and your family at an affordable price. To set up an appointment, contact us today.

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