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The History of Fences

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The main focus on the mind of our fence contractor in Evanston is fences. All day, every day we are dedicated to ensuring your family or your place of business has only the best when it comes to quality fences. So, it’s only natural for us to wonder about the history of the fence and the profound impact it has had on human civilization! It is difficult to pinpoint the exact moment that fences started being used, as they date back to the ancient world.

Today, the fence symbolizes security and sanctity, serving many different functions for millions of people across the globe. Fences have played a big part in shaping the world as we know it today!

Foundations of the Modern World

It’s undeniable that fences have long been used to help define property borders for individual landowners. We can also think of fences in less traditional terms, even considering the Great Wall of China to be a fence to help define property in ancient times. Civilization itself used to revolve around land ownership and agriculture, two major foundations of the modern world.

Fences in History

Fences have long come in all styles, shape and functions. For example, there were stone walls erected in Cornwall during the Bronze Age that are still around to this day. Anglo Saxons also utilized fences to help define their properties, including their crops. As fences continued to progress and be utilized more often, the white picket fence began to symbolize the American dream. Nowadays, our fence contractor in Evanston plays a part in making this dream come true for many.

Were Fences Controversial?

It is hard to imagine fences as being controversial, but throughout history, they helped divide the rich from the poor. There was a stark contrast between the two groups of people. For example, barbed wire on the West helped keep unwanted visitors away from their property, such as the migrating Indians. The idea of owning a fence and the land inside of it represents human’s constant drive to be self-sufficient and thrive off of their own land.

Do You Need a Fence?

Today, fences are popular ways to add both aesthetic appeal and functionality to your home or place of business. Our fence contractor in Evanston has a team of well-equipped and knowledgeable fencing professionals that are ready to help you today!

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