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Your dogs in your home are more than just pets, but rather, important members of your family that you cherish deeply! Because of this, it is important to take the necessary measures to protect your dog at all costs. Your dog spends a lot of time in your yard, so it is important to have a fence that will keep them protected from any potential dangers. Without a fence, your dog has the ability to run away, get hit by a car, easily be taken and more. These are real concerns that should help persuade you that

The fence that you install should be affordable yet effective in protecting your dog. As a bonus, it should also be aesthetically pleasing and be capable of withstanding the harsh weather conditions in the Chicagoland area. One great option for pet-friendly fencing is opting for a chain link fence in Chicago.

The Best Fencing Materials

Chain link fences in Chicago are affordable and durable. They require minimal maintenance and can be built high enough that your dog stays safe. Chain link fences are ideal for helping to keep your dog from roaming into the neighbors’ yards as well as into the street. Keep in mind that chain link fences in Chicago can be seen through, so if your dog is often tempted to chase other cars or children on the other side of the fence, this may not be the best option for you.

Another feasible fence option for dog owners is a wooden fence. Wooden fences are ideal for dog owners because they are not see through. Wooden fences, as well as other pet fences in general, should be at least six feet tall in order to keep your dog from jumping over it. Instead of starting out with a shorter fence, such as a 3-foot fence, start with a fence that is tall enough that your dog cannot jump over. If you keep increasing the height of your fence, your dog will continue to learn to jump higher and higher.

Other fence materials that are ideal for dogs include a white picket fence and wrought-iron fences. Please keep in mind that invisible fences are not ideal for your dog, as they aren’t nearly as effective as a physical fence and they can cause trauma to the dog.

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