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Winter Fence Maintenance Tips

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Winter in Chicago is a brutal time of year for many residents between the bitter temperatures, snow that never melts, and less sunshine. Because of the harsh weather conditions, homeowners are commonly concerned about the damage to their residences. It is normal to worry about repairs that will need to occur come spring season or if your home truly is protected from the cold. These same concerns apply to fences in particular as well. It is important to care for your fence during the winter season in addition to having a local fence company in Evanston repair it after the snow has melted and the freezing temperatures from winter have disappeared. Use the following pointers below to help keep your fence in great shape during the winter and to decrease your concerns as homeowners.

Avoid Moisture Accumulation

Because the winter snow is never melting, it is easy for snow to collect and sit on fences for extended periods of time. While the snow on fences is aesthetically appealing, it can be detrimental the wood. Take an extra few minutes when clearing your driveway and sidewalks of snow to remove the snow from your fence as well. This simple step can prevent mildew and possible decay during the winter season.

Eliminate hazardous tree limbs

Trees that are within a close proximity of your fence can be detrimental during the cold season because of the snow. Branches become significantly heavier with snow build up, allowing for potential breakages that may fall on your fence. By trimming the branches of your nearby trees, this issue can be eliminated in addition to giving you a piece of mind before the snow filled branches snap.

Fix Damaged Fence Boards

What looks to be simple damage in one section of your fence can actually lead to weakening the entire fence. This may lead to more serious issues later on where you will need lots of repairs from your local fence company in Evanston instead of one quick fix.

Clear Cement Footings

Regularly clearing your cement footings may be key to having a longer lasting fence. Moisture that builds up on the cement may cause cracks, so try to keep cement footings clear of snow, dirt, and fallen leaves.

Keeping your fence in its best shape can be a difficult task during the winter season. Top Line Fence has significant experience installing and repairing fences. Call us today for any questions or concerns about your fencing!

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