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Choosing the Perfect Fence For Your Rustic Home

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A beautiful rustic home needs a fence that is up to par. Whether you have no fence or one that doesn’t match, you’ll need to decide on a type of fence. A great fence is a finishing touch on your property that brings it together. Don’t worry if you are not sure, this guide will help you get the right fence for your home.

You’ll want a rustic fence to go with your rustic home, which means a wood fence. A wood fence in Kenilworth is great because it’s easy to build and durable.

Your fence will need to be personalized for you and your family’s needs. A family with a dog can’t have a low fence with a lot of space in between boards. The fence will also depend on your preferences, like aesthetics or privacy. A house way out on its own doesn’t need to keep prying eyes out, but you might want a taller fence if you’re surrounded by neighbors.

Here are some options for wood fences in Kenilworth:

Picket Fence

The American Dream is synonymous with the white picket fence. Well known for its evenly spaced white vertical boards, the picket fence is a great option for your rustic home. Picket fences are small enough to not block the view of your beautiful home while still keeping children inside. They are best for homeowners looking for a decorative fence.

Split Rail Fence

This fence serves many of the same purposes as a picket fence but provides a different aesthetic. Made by splitting logs lengthwise, the fence is characterized by evenly spaced horizontal logs. Again, it will allow people to appreciate the full beauty of your home. But don’t count on it keeping the dog inside.

Redwood Fence

A redwood fence is a great option for a homeowner looking for more privacy and security. Your pet won’t be getting over the much taller redwood fence and neighbors will have trouble looking in. If you’re looking to make your backyard a getaway this is a great option.

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